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Activities - Beach/Watersports
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Saddle Up

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Saddle Up
We've all seen that scene in a romantic movie, the horseback ride across the beach, the bright sun sparkling off the tops of the rolling waves ...

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Be a beach connoisseur.

Paris may have the world's greatest works of art, but Grand Bahama most certainly has the world's finest collection of beaches. Take a sunrise walk down our own private Lucaya Beach. Visit Fortune Beach, where treasure hunters recently found a $2 million dollar shipwreck. Escape to complete isolated privacy in Paradise Cove at Deadman's Reef. Swing by Xanadu beach for an icy local Kalik beer and some spicy local BBQ... Or, explore Gold Rock Beach at Lucayan National Park, which is known to many connoisseurs to be the most spectacular beach of all.

Immerse yourself.

When you're smack dab in the middle of a Caribbean aquatic wonderland, its easy to become a bit amphibious here. Go for a lazy afternoon swim (think 80º water temps), kayak through the mangroves of Gold Rock Beach or dive for lost Spanish treasure at Deadman's Reef. Feeling a bit more adventurous? Join the local Underwater Explorer Society and frolic with wild Dolphins at an offshore reef. Need more thrills? Grab your courage and sign up for one of the island's legendary shark-feeding tours. You'll come home with photos and stories to last a lifetime!


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