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5 Fun and Romantic Couples Activities on Grand Bahama Island

Grand Bahama Island

Let’s be honest: it’s entirely possible to show up solo on Grand Bahama Island and enjoy an unforgettable week in which you won’t repeat the same day twice, but most people come here with someone else. Some come with friends, some come with family…and others come to the Bahamas as a couple.

If you’re still reading, then you’re one of those fun and romantic couples looking for fun and romantic couples activities on Grand Bahama Island. Well, we’ve got five suggestions you might find fitting:

1. Horseback riding on the beach. Quiet seclusion, a relaxing view, a little element of adventure…there’s really nothing about horseback riding that isn’t both fun and romantic if you go as a couple.

2. Hiking at a national park. A little more exercise-heavy, to be sure, but you won’t be able to replace the views or the one-on-one experience you have as a couple as you explore one of our national parks together.

3. Swimming with dolphins. Granted, it’s a little hard to get romantic with dolphins around you, but there’s also something uniquely magical about the experience that any couple visiting the Bahamas won’t want to miss.

4. Fine dining. It’s not difficult to find an amazing ambiance coupled with a luscious menu on Grand Bahama Island, and there’s no easier way to both enjoy a date night and relax after a day full of Bahamian activities.

5. The spa experience. Maybe it’s not your traditional definition of “fun,” but it’s certainly relaxing and romantic. If both of you indulge in a spa session or two, you’ll bond over the experience while also recharging your batteries for the next couples activity. Really, there’s no reason to limit yourself to just five: you can fill an entire week of couples activities on Grand Bahama Island.

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