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5 Ways to Build a Perfect Day on Grand Bahama Island

We don’t joke about it: Grand Bahama Island is perhaps one of the best places on earth to build the ideal vacation day. The problem is, if you’ve never been here before, you don’t know all of the great things you can do in order to make a perfect day.

Some would say the perfect day is impossible. We say, why not try? Here are five ways you can experience Grand Bahama Island in order to build the perfect day:

1. Wake up to an ocean view. Here at the Grand Lucayan we have lots of ocean view rooms ready for your enjoyment. There’s really no way to open a perfect day other than to wake up to the sun, the ocean, and the waves hitting the beach.

2. Beat the sun outside. The sun can get a little hot at noon and in the afternoon, so if you want to work up a sweat, we say: beat the sun. Enjoy a nice golf outing in the early morning while the air’s still fresh, or head out and play a little tennis to get the heart rate up. You’ll feel better about yourself all day thanks to your investment.

3. Swim with Dolphins. What better way to get out onto Grand Bahama Island than to go and swim with Dolphins? It’s a unique experience, especially if it’s your first time with these intelligent creatures.

4. Enjoy refreshment at a fine Grand Bahama island restaurant. Once you’ve tuckered yourself out, it’s time to refresh yourself with one of the many, many outstanding restaurants on our island.

5. Cap the day off with some nightlife. Whether you want to attend Grand Lucaya’s movie mania or head out on the town for a festival or a swanky night club, there’s no better end to a perfect day on Grand Bahama Island than truly experiencing a Caribbean night.

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