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Do You Have the Personality Type for a Bahamas Resort?

Even we who make our homes in the Bahamas will admit it: it’s not for everyone.

After all, not everyone enjoys fun in the sun. And some people would prefer a vacation experience fraught with stress, worry, and the constant need to find something better to do. Those kind of people typically aren’t “Bahamas” types. Heck, they’re not vacation types at all.

So how do you know if you have the right personality type to make the most of your time – and your money – at a Bahamas resort? Simple: you keep reading.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Okay, we’ll admit it: what you just read was a little facetious. The Bahamas have just about everything to offer a wide range of people across a wide range of personality types. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain personality types who tend to stretch their dollar and squeeze the most out of every moment they spend in the Bahamas.

Are you one of those types? To find out, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you like to make the most of every moment or are you always putting it off for tomorrow?
  • Is it easy for you to relax, whether you like spending time sleeping in or relaxing with a nice physical activity in the sun?

As you might imagine, answering in the affirmative tends to be a good omen for your next Bahamas vacation.

What to Do When You’re on Grand Bahama Island

The truth is, the Bahamas can suit all personalities.

The key to getting the most out of your Bahamas resort experience is to stretch your comfort zone a little – but not too much! Try something that you wouldn’t otherwise try at home. If you’re a homebody, get out of the room and get out in the sun. If you’ve always moved a mile a minute, try and indulge a nice day in bed while at the resort. The novelty will help you remember your vacation for a long, long time – and it will be a welcome change of pace from the grind of your daily life.



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