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Five Reasons to Pick a Grand Bahama Island Resort

Grand Bahama Island

So you’ve made the decision: you’re going to the Bahamas on your next vacation.

Congratulations! As biased as we may be, we think you’ve made a great choice. But there’s still another choice for you to make.

You see, thus far you’ve only made a choice to come to the Bahamas – plural. And as you well know, there’s more than one island in the Bahamas, and once you get down to it, choosing the right island for you isn’t as easy as you think.

If you need a little nudging in the right direction, allow us to interject on your vacation planning experience and give you five reasons the island you pick…should be Grand Bahama Island.

Reason #1:Dolphins! Yes, Dolphins are all over the subtropical climate of the Caribbean, but here on Grand Bahama Island they’re a particular attraction of interest. There’s no shortage of Dolphin experiences here, from spotting them on Dolphin tours to simply swimming with them whenever possible.

Reason #2: Festivals. Each island in the Bahamas comes with its own cultural heritage, and Grand Bahama Island is no different. There’s simply no replacing our festival experience with any other island; from local fashion and artists displaying their work to American-friendly fish fries, there are no shortage of fun events on Grand Bahama Island.

Reason #3: Beaches. There are a number of Grand Bahama Island beaches – such a number, in fact, that you’ll find there’s a beach for just about anybody’s tastes. Whether you like the toe-friendly pristine white beaches or a more fisher-friendly beach, we have the Bahamanian beach experience you want.

Reason #4: Variety. There are resorts here that can fit just about any budget you bring to the Bahamas; other islands don’t boast that kind of inclusiveness and variety.

Reason #5: It is called Grand Bahama Island, after all. What’s in a name? The truth! Come to Grand Bahama Island for the definitive Bahamas experience.

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