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Your Kicking-Back Guide: How to Enjoy Your Time on Grand Bahama Island

Although going to the Bahamas might seem like an automatically-relaxing excursion into the Caribbean, it’s not always so “automatic.” In fact, some people bring too much of their baggage from home with them when they come to the Bahamas – and we’re not talking about luggage.

If you know that you have a propensity towards being a difficult person to travel with, we have some recommendations for taking the stress out of your vacation so you can kick back Bahamian style. Here are a few suggestions.

Leave Work at Home

That’s right – you should totally disconnect from whatever you were doing before you got here. If that means ignoring the cell phone and your email, then that’s what it’s going to take to help you feel relaxed. Granted, it might seem hard at first, but after one round of golf or trip to the spa, you’ll wonder how you ever wanted to get any work done on vacation anyway.

Indulge a Little

Relaxation isn’t all about kicking back on the beach and napping. It’s also about being proactive – creating a little adrenaline for yourself so you earn that late morning the next day. So indulge your wild side a little and try to find the activities that thrill you.

Try Something New

You’ll feel much better if you introduce a little novelty into your vacation: horseback riding, for example, is a great activity if you’ve never done it before. If you don’t try something new in the Bahamas, then you might as well lay in bed all day.

Get the Necessary Evils Out of the Way

If you must check your email, do it in the morning – and only once. If you need to get that workout in, get it done early so the rest of your day can bring you back down to a state of relaxation. Nothing quite spoils relaxation like the idea of having “things to do.” We recommend you do them first.

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