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Ten Reasons to Go to the Spa on Your Trip to the Bahamas

Some might argue that a vacation to a Bahamas – and to Grand Bahama Island in particular – is like one week-long trip to the spa. Others might argue that the Bahamas are the only true home of the spa, offering the ocean breeze and relaxing atmosphere that can only be found in the Caribbean.

No matter where you fall in that argument, we understand you may need a little nudging to go to the spa. So if you haven’t considered it yet, here are ten reasons you should check out the spa during your Bahamian trip:

Reason #1: Wood saunas. There’s nothing quite like the feeling after getting out of a sauna – you feel like you’re on top of the world as your skin gets kissed by the gentle ocean breeze. It’s that good.

Reason #2: Exercise. The spa at the Grand Lucayan hosts exercise and cardiovascular equipment so you can feel good, get active, and earn your day of pampering in spades.

Reason #3: Healthier skin. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the Caribbean sun, it can’t hurt to make sure your skin is treated and at its best.

Reason #4: Better-feeling skin. Healthy skin feels good; a good spa can make your skin feel better than healthy.

Reason #5: The Hydrotherapy Tub. It sounds scientific, but “hydrotherapy” really just means water therapy – and nothing else feels better.

Reason #6: Get a Facial. If you want to look your best and feel your best, you can’t skip out on a facial that will have you feeling ready for a night on the town.

Reason #7: The Salon. Using the salon won’t only help you feel your best, but to look like you’ve been at the spa all day. Which, of course, you should have been.

Reason #8: Pilates. You’ve built up the Pilates habit at home, so why not keep it going with a trip to the spa?

Reason #9: You’ll look better. There’s nothing that can quite turn around a bad hair day like a full trip to the spa – it will change your confidence, your attitude, and your entire outlook for the day.

Reason #10: Because you’re on vacation. If the purpose of a vacation is to relax, there’s no real reason to avoid the spa in the first place.

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