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The Top Three Spring Break Destinations on Lucaya, Grand Bahama Island

Pop quiz! It’s time to test your knowledge of the Bahamas, specifically of Grand Bahama Island: can you name the only Bahamian island whose spring break attractions combine limbo dancing, shopping, sailing, yachting, and Jazz greats?

If you guessed the Grand Bahama Island, you’re correct. If you narrowed your response specifically to Lucaya, you’re not only correct, but we’ll give you bonus points. Lucaya on Grand Bahama Island is paradise-on-earth for spring breakers looking for a break from year-round living in…well, just about anywhere else. In Lucaya, you’ll find the typical Bahamian experience – which has over the years also become the quintessential Spring Break experience.

Here are the top three attractions spring breakers will particularly enjoy:

1. Count Basie Square

Named for the Jazz legend Count Basie, this square plays host to limbo dancing, festivals, parades, and other social activities on what is essentially a year-round basis; it might as well be the capital of trademark Caribbean fun. It’s also in close proximity to many of the other attractions of Lucaya like shopping and yachting. Really, there’s no excuse to be anywhere else come Spring Break.

2. Port Lucaya Marketplace

Spring Breaks can’t be all-fun-all-the-time or you’d quickly attain a level of entertainment overload. The beauty of Lucaya is that you can take breaks from all the fun with more fun – particularly by shopping for yourself at the Port Lucaya Marketplace, where local Bahamian treasures are sold right along duty-free boutiques. After all, you have to bring something back from Spring Break other than digital photographs!

3. Barbary Beach

What good is a trip to the Bahamas without regular beach excursions? The particular attraction of Barbary Beach to spring breakers is that in late spring, it’s rife with white spider lilies. It also offers seclusion, a trademark Bahamian view of the Caribbean, and 100% relaxation.

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