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Three Criteria You Should Have for Picking Your Next Bahamas Resort

Let’s be honest: if you’re planning a vacation in the Bahamas, you have a lot of great resorts to choose from. If you still haven’t made a decision as to which resort you’ll use, you can probably understand just how hard it is to choose the right one – and one that also fits within your budget.

So how do you whittle down your long list of Bahamas resorts into selecting just one? Try applying these three criteria to all of your possibilities and see if your list narrows down to one:

1. Inclusivity. You’ve probably heard of “exclusivity.” But allow us to introduce a new word: inclusivity. This refers to everything that’s included in the full price of your stay at the Bahamas resort. Which resorts are offering inclusive breakfasts? Lunches? Dinners? If you want to keep your bill simple at the end of the day, you can simply turn to one criteria: inclusivity.

2. Booking rates. This may just sound like a fancy way of saying “prices,” but keep in mind that booking rates vary a lot from season to season. If you’re still early in your resort selection, see if you can find special reduced booking rates at your resort that lower the amount you’ll have to charge to your credit card.

3. The room. If you’re going to a Bahamas resort, then you’re probably going to want a resort that actually rests on the ocean like the Grand Lucayan. No matter which resort you pick, you should try and see if they have any ocean view rooms – these can not only cap off an amazing trip, but help you to get the full experience of what a Bahamian vacation can be if you live it to its fullest.

Apply these three criteria to your choices and see if you can find a resort that meets all three of your needs. If not, toss ‘em!

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