Grand Lucayan Bahamas Resort

Four Pleasant Surprises You Didn’t Expect From Your Bahamas Resort Experience

Grand Lucayan Bahamas Resort

You know the reasons for coming to the Bahamas. You know all about the sunshine, the beautiful beaches, the clear blue water, and the variety of activities available to you when you book your vacation through a Bahamas resort.

But do you really know all there is to know about that last item? Are you really sure that you know all there is to know about Bahamas resorts, or are there still a few pleasant surprises that you haven’t considered as you book your next Bahamas vacation?

We think you’ll be thrilled to find out these four unexpected bonuses and amenities:

1. Nights free. This is a limited-time offer currently offered by the Grand Lucayan: book for three nights and get your fourth night free. Does it sound too good to be true? Nonsense. Find more details about this particular surprise at our Hotel Deals page.

2. Babysitting services are available. Bringing your family along on a Bahamas vacation can be a major undertaking if you’ve got a lot of small children to manage. We at the Grand Lucayan offer babysitting services to make the trip easier on you – and on your planning book.

3. How many swimming pools? If you’re like use, you don’t like a crowded pool. We currently offer three swimming pools in order to offer you the swimming experience that most suits you and your family. Yes, there’s plenty of ocean to use out there…but with three swimming pools, you’ll find it hard to leave the resort at all.

4. More restaurants than you can handle. File this under “quality problems.” Yes, it’s important to get out and experience the whole of your island, but you’ll be surprised at what kind of great dining experiences you can have within the comfort of your own resort. We at the Grand Lucayan have a number of restaurants and bars so you can either feed your appetite or wet your whistle – all in your own hotel.

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