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How to Organize Your Activities During a Bahamas Vacation

So you’ve arrived in the Bahamas: welcome! If this is your first time, you’re likely trying to soak in all the fresh Caribbean air and warm sunlight you can – and all the while, your mind is positively swimming with ideas for what you can do during your Bahamas vacation. From horseback riding to swimming with dolphins to water sports to movie nights to festivals, you want to experience all that Grand Bahama Island has to offer.

There’s only one problem. You have just one week.

How can you organize all of your activities on your Bahamas vacation so that you actually get a chance to not only experience them all, but relish them all? We’ve got a few tips for you.

Don’t Burn Yourself Out

First things first: don’t try to do it all at once. Yes, there’s a lot to do on a Grand Bahama Island vacation, but that doesn’t mean you should wear yourself out. You’re here to relax, after all!

So pace yourself. After a day full of activity, don’t be afraid to turn in early so you can feel refreshed for tomorrow’s activities. And leave yourself some room to enjoy some spontaneous adventures that head your way; for example, did you ever consider movie night at the Grand Lucayan?

Leave Time to Breathe

It’s okay if you want to try two, three, or even four different activities in a day – as long as you have the energy to actually enjoy it. So schedule some time to breathe! Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy lunch, or have a break at the spa. You’ll leave yourself enough energy to tackle the Bahamian nightlife, as well – and that’s a good thing.

Sure, it’s hard to screw up a Bahamas vacation – as long as you know how to schedule your activities. Give yourself time to breathe, don’t tackle everything in one day, and most importantly: have fun.


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