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How to Pick a Bahamas Hotel You’ve Never Seen Before

Bahamas Hotel

Just as you click “reserve tickets,” you start to visualize yourself in the Bahamas. You can feel the warm breeze of the beach as the sand melts between your toes. You experience the cool wash of water sprayed by a Dolphin as it swims by. You watch as that chip shot you made from the far side of the green sinks near the hole and falls in, clicking and blooping as it bounces around.

Yes, the Bahamas experience may feel real even if you’ve never been here before. There’s just one problem:

How are you supposed to pick a hotel if you’ve never been here?

Reputation, Reputation, Reputation

Searching online for the right Bahamas hotel can feel like an effort in futility. The Internet is riddled with hotels trying to grab your money and convince you that they’re the right spot for your Bahamas vacation.

The key is not to take the hotel’s word for it, but rather the word of other people who have been to the Bahamas before. Look up Bahamas hotel reviews on Yelp and other similar sites and see what people are saying about the Bahamas resorts that you’ve been considering. Then you can start to narrow down your list.

Establish Your Bahamas Resort Criteria

What ultimately determines the success of your vacation is not how many clouds you had that week or how good the flight was. Ultimately, you‘re the one in charge of your own fun. And if you’re in charge, that means you’re the one who’s going to have to set the ground rules.

This can be fun. Ask yourself what you’d enjoy most about a Bahamas resort. Do you want them to offer golfing? Tennis? Swimming? What activities would you enjoy the most, and which ones are so important that they’re on your “must-have” list? Use these criteria to assist in whittling away the Bahamas resorts that simply don’t belong on your list.

Once you narrow it down, you’re ready to choose your Bahamas resort. You can rest assured that you’re going to have a good time on your next Bahamas vacation – even if it’s also your first time.

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