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Four Reasons You Should Have Your Wedding in the Bahamas

It’s easy to say “I do” in the face of an ocean breeze.

But we get ahead of ourselves. That’s just one of the many reasons it can be a fun, relaxing escape for both you and your wedding guests when you hold your wedding in the Bahamas. The truth is, many of the reasons for holding your wedding here aren’t about the “I do” – though we can certainly handle that – but about what happens after the vows are said and the wedding party is ready to, well, party.

So if you’re thinking about having your wedding in the Bahamas – and, specifically, a wedding at the Grand Lucayan – we think you’re on to something. Here are four reasons you should consider a wedding here.

Reason #1: The Wedding Comes with a Pre-Installed Honeymoon

Weddings are stress enough; don’t make it any harder on yourself by doubling down on your stress by planning your wedding and honeymoon separately. You can have the wedding of your dreams and the honeymoon of your dreams in the same place.

Reason #2: No One Will Forget It

Let’s face it: it’s hard to out-do a Bahamian wedding. That’s not to say that you should compete with other couples’ weddings, of course, but if that’s in the back of your mind, we won’t judge you for it.

Reason #3: First-Rate Accommodations and Services

Frequent wedding attendees know that the real quality of a wedding is judged by the reception: the food, the entertainment, the food, the dancing, and – did we mention the food? Grand Lucayan knows what your priorities are and gives you first-rate service from beginning to end.

Reason #4: The Experience of a Lifetime

One glimpse at our own wedding photo gallery will give you the visual proof you need – the weddings here are truly magical not only because we believe in our own hotel, but because of the magical setting Grand Bahama Island has to offer.


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