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Three Ways to Soak Up the Sun at a Bahamas Resort

We get it. Going to the Bahamas resort for a vacation means you’re going to be soaking up some sun no matter what you do. You certainly don’t need a blog telling you how to soak up the sun on your next Bahamian vacation; the weather will do that for you.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t good and bad ways to go about catching some rays. In fact, for many people with sensitive skin, the sun is only good in small doses. So let’s focus our efforts on three fun-friendly ways to get out in the sun while offering some tips for staying safe and burn-free.

1. Golfing. Admittedly, golfing is an activity that requires a fairly heavy investment of time. Shooting nine holes usually takes 2-3 hours of your time while shooting a full eighteen may take anywhere from 4-5 hours. On the surface, it sounds like a recipe for a sunburn.

However, there are some ways to get out in the sun while golfing without burning up. First, you can go in the early morning hours or late evening hours when the sun is at its least dangerous. Second, you can dress for the occasion with sun-blocking hats and sunglasses; just about no one will look twice if you’re wearing goofy, sun-screening headware at the golf course.

2. Tennis. If you prefer a quick bake rather than the low-and-slow strategy of golf along with a vigorous workout, tennis may be your sun-friendly activity of choice. Tennis is tough exercise but friendly to sun-blocking white clothing that will keep you feeling fresh even while the sun’s out. Just don’t keep serving too long during the brightest hours.

3. Swimming. When it comes to getting sun, there’s nothing better than swimming. It requires you to show a lot of skin, after all. The problem? You’re getting a lot of sun! If you don’t moderate your swimming and your exposure to the sun, you’re going to end up burned. Try to stay safe by restricting your swimming to the hours of the day when the sun isn’t hottest.

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