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Grand Bahama Island, the fourth largest island and one of the most popular tourist destination in the Bahamas, is located in the warm Atlantic Ocean, less than 70 miles from the coast of Florida. And at the heart of Grand Bahama Island is Grand Lucayan, a luxury vacation resort destination waiting to give you the opportunity to create long-lasting memories.

Our Web site is sporting a fresh, new updated look where we’ll do more than simply show you the outstanding features, amenities and services our resort has to offer. With regular blog postings, we’ll show various ways you can explore and experience every inch of this glorious Island. We’ll share with you the hottest spots for snorkeling. We’ll give you insider tips that will lead to incredible duty-free shops. We’ll even tell you where you can feed sharks.

All you need to do is check back regularly. We might even sneak in a few red-hot deals and special rates for you to take advantage of when planning your beach getaway to Grand Bahama Island.

See you on the beach!

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7 comments on “Grand Lucayan Welcome Blog Post

  1. Thanks for the share!

  2. charles on said:

    hope to visit, first or last part of summer, have cancer and looking for a getaway for myself and 3 kids, ages-22,22,20. pre knowledge of special rate times would be helpful….c.l.scates

  3. Darla Brown on said:

    Is there good snorkeling off the beach at this resort. That is without the use of a boat?

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  5. who stalking who on said:

    WOww !!

  6. latinas on said:

    So I have wondered in a very unique page good stuff you have here

  7. Hi,Wow, my compliments to my frenid Elisabetta! She did really describe our little vacation perfectly.She just forgot to mention that when we tried to pick our cooked tuna and be ready to eat it, one of the resort’s guest did steal our cooked tuna and we had to ask to the chef to cook another two pieces!!!It was funny the day after when we did see the thief on the beach. We both looked at eachother and start laughing

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