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See Grand Bahama the ATV Way


Whiz through Grand Bahama Island on an ATV with Grand Bahama Nature Tours.


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Celebrate Bahamian Independence


July 4th may be Independence Day in the U.S., but on Grand Bahama Island, this July 10th marks the 43rd anniversary of Bahamian Independence Day, and there will be all kinds of fun activities going on during and around the day.


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All You Can Eat, Drink, and Dance at Taino Beach


If you’re looking for some exciting nightlife right in Grand Bahama, you can sign up for the Bonfire at Taino Beach. On every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday night this summer (and beyond), there will be a party hosted right next to the water, with all the food, drinks, and entertainment you’ll need included.


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Let the Underwater Explorers Society Introduce You to the Sea Life


You can stay in Freeport and get up close and personal to marine life with programs available through the Underwater Explorers Society (UNEXSO). Along with scuba diving instruction at all levels and their retail store (where you can get all the souvenirs and equipment you need), UNEXSO offers the chance to meet some dolphins and sharks.


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Explore Port Lucaya Marketplace


There’s no better time than summertime to explore the open-air markets of the Bahamas, and just steps from our Grand Bahama Island resort is the Port Lucaya Marketplace, which is not only the perfect place to find the perfect authentic Caribbean souvenir for everyone on your list, but also is packed with enough fun activities to keep you busy all day.


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Jump into Junkanoo


It’s springtime and for Grand Bahama Island that means it’s time for the Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival, a celebration of the Caribbean that’s existed for over a hundred years! On April 15th and 16th Grand Bahama Island will get the ball rolling on the festivities with a series of concerts part of the Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival 


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Bahamian Paradise


Once you’ve seen all the typical tourist stops in Grand Bahama Island, we recommend taking a trip off the beaten path to check out Lucayan National Park, located just a short, scenic drive from the Grand Lucayan. 


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Bike the Bahamas


If you’re a cycling nut, then Grand Bahama Island is the place to be! From February 26th to the 28th, the island gets taken over for the 2nd Annual Tour de Grand Bahama! Presented by the Grand Bahama Cyclists Club, over the course of the weekend 


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Junkanoo into the New Year


Ranked as one of the best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve by Business Insider, visitors who want to end – and begin! – the new year on a high note should definitely head to Port Lucaya’s New Year’s Eve Celebration! The event features live music 


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The Art of the Matter


While they’re celebrating Thanksgiving back in the U.S., on Grand Bahama Island November 26th marks the beginning of their 10th annual trade show and weekend festival, Authenti-city Annual BAIC Tradeshow. Located right outside our Grand Bahama Island beachfront resort, the tradeshow highlights local Bahamian artists and crafts as well as native food, music and culture.


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Tropical Halloween


It’s true that in the Bahamas the weather doesn’t get much cooler, and the leaves certainly don’t change, but this doesn’t stop Grand Bahama Island from getting into the Halloween...

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A Secluded Scuba


If you're looking to get some scuba time in and want to avoid the crowds, but also not have to travel to the ends of the island to do it, we suggest the Silver Point Reef, located in Freeport, just five minutes from our Grand Bahama Island Beachside resort. Silver Point has water that is just as gorgeous clear as any of the other beaches, but is much less crowded than the more popular diving spots....

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Gotta Try the Fish Fry


To get an authentic taste of the Bahamas, you don't have to go far, in fact, you can experience it right here at our Grand Bahama Island beachside resort with our weekly fish fry! ...

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Go CocoNutz


Experience Grand Bahama's secluded beaches, flora, fauna, cuisine, history and culture, all from the seat of a motorized bicycle. That's what CocoNutz Cruisers offers to visitors looking for a fun and unique tour of the island....

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Saddle Up


We've all seen that scene in a romantic movie, the horseback ride across the beach, the bright sun sparkling off the tops of the rolling waves as the horse trots majestically through the surf....

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Grin and Beer It


Once you've polished off that cold glass of local beer at Grand Lucayan, take a tour through the working Bahamian Brewery and see how it's made! A member of the brew crew will take you behind the scenes, guide you through the brewery and show you the step-by-step process....

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Carnival Kick-Off


Want to immerse yourself in Grand Bahama's cultural spirit? Don't miss the Grand Bahama Junkanoo Carnival Kickoff. Scheduled April 17 & 18, 2015 at Taino Beach's Da Cultural Village, this action-packed Grand Bahama Island festival weekend is a celebration of the island's culture and community....

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Make My (Spa) Day


It can be tough to decide which supremely relaxing spa treatment to have once you step inside Grand Lucayan's oceanfront 25,000-square-foot Senses Spa so why try? Make a day of it with our signature Five Senses treatment featuring five hours of pure pampering....

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Shop Central


It's not easy to break away from our sun-splashed beach but when it's time to start collecting souvenirs for your friends and family back home, head next door to Port Lucaya Marketplace....

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Nature, Up Close and Personal


Feeling like a break from the beach? We've got the perfect place for you to recharge and reflect. Head just a short distance from Grand Lucayan Resort to Garden of the Groves. This 12-acre park, which was dedicated to Wallace Groves (founder of Freeport) in 1973, is a magical nature experience on Grand Bahama Island....

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A Night to Remember


Anytime you take a Bahamas Island vacation, you are signing up for something very memorable. And since it's the holiday season, why not take your vacation up a notch and spend an evening with us at Grand Lucayan? Around sunset, head over to the cozy Havana Cay Cigar Bar and enjoy a made-to-order cocktail created by our friendly resident mixologist, Prince....

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Snorkeling Paradise


Are you're looking to truly get away from it all? If so, during your Bahamas vacation, plan a trip to Peterson Cay, the smallest national park in the Bahamas. ...

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Get Crackin'


Conch that's our kind of competitive event. Mark your calendar now and head to nearby McLean's Town for the annual Conch Cracking Festival....

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By The Book


Published for more than 50 years, the iconic Bahamas Handbook is something of a fixture in our island paradise. The 2014 edition is available now....all 624 pages of mesmerizing legend, lore and modern-day musings....

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Chasing the Gray Ghost


If you're an avid angler, you know that few experiences top the thrill of reeling in "the big one" and Grand Bahama Island is just the place to do it. Our warm, crystal-clear waters are teeming with fight-worthy game fish....

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It's A Wrap


Remember the opening lines of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody? "Is this the real life? Is this just a fantasy?" Well, now you know how our 130-minute Bahamian Wrapsody spa treatment got its name....

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Do You Junkanoo?


Some events are so full of kick-up-your-heels fun they're worth celebrating more than once a year. Case in point? Junkanoo. Traditionally taking place over around the Christmas holiday season, this spirited celebration does a summertime encore during the month of July, hitting a variety of locations including nearby Taino Beach....

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West End Wanderings


The capital of Grand Bahama Island, West End is the island's oldest town and westernmost settlement. A notorious rum-running port during Prohibition, West End's colorful history also includes arms smugglers and wreckers....

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Drop into Deadman's Reef


Looking for a new beach to explore? For some of the best snorkeling you'll ever experience anywhere?" and don't let the name scare you?" plan a day trip to Deadman's Reef....

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Let's Get Personal


Talk about a personalized travel experience ?" when you sign up for the Bahamas People-to-People Experience, you're assigned your very own Bahamian ambassador!...

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Better by Bike


Whether you're an ace cyclist or haven't ridden in years, one of the best ways to explore Grand Bahama Island is by bike. If you're feeling rusty on wheels, put yourself in the hands of the super-friendly folks at CocoNutz Cruisers, whose fleet of blue-hued bikes is a familiar sight around the island....

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Fan of the Fritter


Sure the French have escargot, but here in the Bahamas, the celebrity sea snail of choice is the conch ?" specifically the queen conch. A culinary staple for centuries, it's the star ingredient in the conch fritters and conch salad served ?" and savored ?"...

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Art Appreciation


There's lots to love about Grand Bahama Island ?" sun, sand, surf ?" but how about art? Thanks to the Grand Bahama Artists Association, there's plenty of that, too. ...

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Swim with the Sharks


If you can't wait until next summer to get your Shark Week fix, dive in with our fearless friends at the Underwater Explorers Society. Although most visitors opt for UNEXSO's tamer dolphin dives, we're partial to the adrenaline rush that only a face-to-face swim with a shark can deliver....

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Five Reasons to Enjoy Bahamas Resorts in the Off-Season


An "off-season" is a phrase with a lot of negative connotations. Fans of sports like football and baseball hate waiting through an "off-season." Shoppers dislike buying fruit that is "out of season."...

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Mixing It Up: Three Different Bahama Vacations to Enjoy


Many people think that a phrase like "Bahama vacation" is a blanket term for one singular experience.This couldn't be further from the truth.The truth is that Bahama vacations are capable of being as customized and tailored to your own unique tastes as any type of vacation you can think of....

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How to Enjoy Yourself at a Grand Bahama Island Casino


When the sun goes down over the Caribbean and the clear-blue beauty of the water dims a little, there are few better ways to pass the time in the Bahamas than to go to a casino....

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Three Ways to Soak Up the Sun at a Bahamas Resort


We get it. Going to the Bahamas resort for a vacation means you're going to be soaking up some sun no matter what you do. You certainly don't need a blog telling you how to soak up the sun on your next Bahamian vacation; the weather will do that for you.But that doesn't mean there aren't good and bad ways to go about catching some rays....

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Five Must-Read Tips for First-Time Bahamas Vacationers


There's no way to pretend that a Bahamas vacation will be difficult. Even if you're a first-time traveler to the Bahamas.But that doesn't mean your "rookie" status as a Bahamas vacationer won't hinder you in some ways....

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5 Great Water Sports off of Lucaya, Grand Bahama Island


You can't take a trip to the Bahamas without at least indulging in one water sport - or five. After all, spots like Lucaya, Grand Bahama Island are not only rife with plenty of beautiful beach acreage, but with some of the most pristine, beautiful water in the world....

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12 Things To Do When You Visit Grand Bahama Island


If you can't think of things to do while you're in the Bahamas, your "vacation skills" might be a tad off.Luckily, you don't need to worry about that, because we've assembled a list of 12 things you can do when you visit Grand Bahama Island during your stay at the Grand Lucayan:...

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Three Top Fishing Opportunities on Grand Bahama Island


When you think of fishing in the Bahamas, you likely think of deep-sea fishing. While that's one of the great experiences offered by Grand Bahama Island, your choices as a visiting fisherman aren't limited to the creatures of the deep sea....

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How to Organize Your Activities During a Bahamas Vacation


So you've arrived in the Bahamas: welcome! If this is your first time, you're likely trying to soak in all the fresh Caribbean air and warm sunlight you can - and all the while, your mind is positively swimming with ideas for what you can do during your Bahamas vacation....

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5 Ways to Build a Perfect Day on Grand Bahama Island


We don't joke about it: Grand Bahama Island is perhaps one of the best places on earth to build the ideal vacation day. The problem is, if you've never been here before, you don't know all of the great things you can do in order to make a perfect day.Some would say the perfect day is impossible....

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5 Fun and Romantic Couples Activities on Grand Bahama Island


Let's be honest: it's entirely possible to show up solo on Grand Bahama Island and enjoy an unforgettable week in which you won't repeat the same day twice, but most people come here with someone else. Some come with friends, some come with family...and others come to the Bahamas as a couple....

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How to Pick a Bahamas Hotel You've Never Seen Before


Just as you click "reserve tickets," you start to visualize yourself in the Bahamas. You can feel the warm breeze of the beach as the sand melts between your toes. You experience the cool wash of water sprayed by a Dolphin as it swims by....

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Five Reasons to Pick a Grand Bahama Island Resort


So you've made the decision: you're going to the Bahamas on your next vacation.Congratulations! As biased as we may be, we think you've made a great choice. But there's still another choice for you to make....

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Your Guide to Diving in the Bahamas


Between the beautiful sea life, the temperature of the warm Caribbean sea, and the possibility of having the adventure of a life time, it's not difficult to see why so many people are attracted to the idea of swimming in the Bahamas....

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Four Pleasant Surprises You Didn't Expect From Your Bahamas Resort Experience


You know the reasons for coming to the Bahamas. You know all about the sunshine, the beautiful beaches, the clear blue water, and the variety of activities available to you when you book your vacation through a Bahamas resort....

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Five Activities For Your Next Trip to a Bahamas Hotel


You wake up on your first morning on your Bahamas vacation - the sheets are warm, the ocean's humming quietly outside, and the sun is shining. Although you can't wait to get started, you decide to sleep in.One hour later, you're wide awake....

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How to Make a List of Priorities for Bahamas Hotels


There's just no beating around the bush: when you come to a Bahamas resort, you can come with a full itinerary. In fact, there's so much to do in the Bahamas while you're on vacation that it can be hard to sort out which activities you want to fit in to your visit....

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Should You Host Your Conference in a Bahamas Hotel?


On the plus side, hosting your business conference in a Bahamas hotel will afford you and your colleagues great views. It will allow you to get away from the doldrums of daily business life stateside and into a brand new, refreshing environment....

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Why Your Next Hotel Should be a Bahamas Hotel


If you've done a lot of traveling, then you're no stranger to hotels. You know all about the experience - checking in, ordering room service, getting a good night's sleep (if possible) -and nothing about it shocks you these days.Most of us these days are not particularly impressed by most hotels....

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Your Guide to Finding Activities on Grand Bahama Island


You've been on vacation with your family before, so you know the deal.Not every activity you try out as a family will be your cup of tea. Heck, some vacation activities will leave you counting down the minutes until it's over....

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How to Enjoy Your Bahamas Hotel Spa to the Fullest


If you know a lot about spas, there's a good chance you don't need this article.If you have troubles relaxing, however, you might want to keep reading. As it turns out, enjoying a spa is not as easy as you might think - at least, not if you don't go into the spa with an open mind....

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Five Reasons You're Choosing the Wrong Bahamas Hotels


Picture this.You return to your cold hometown in the middle of winter from vacation and the first one to greet you says something like:"Hey, cheer up! You just got back from the Bahamas!...

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Do You Have the Personality Type for a Bahamas Resort?


Even we who make our homes in the Bahamas will admit it: it's not for everyone.After all, not everyone enjoys fun in the sun. And some people would prefer a vacation experience fraught with stress, worry, and the constant need to find something better to do....

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Three Reasons Bahamas Resorts are Perfect for Your Next Vacation


We'll admit it: a phrase like "Bahamas resorts" doesn't exactly have a publicity problem. You hear the term and probably associate it with a fun getaway, a Caribbean retreat that allows you to indulge in all of the relaxation you could hope for....

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Four Winning Bahamas Vacation Themes for You to Enjoy


It could be argued that the "Bahamas vacation" is theme enough for your next vacation. After all, if you don't get to the Caribbean very often, your "Bahamas vacation" is going to seem so different from the rest of your vacations that you can't think of it in any other terms....

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Three Tips for Planning Your Wedding at a Bahamas Resort


So you've already made the decision: your wedding is going to be unforgettable, hosted outside under a calm Bahamian sunset as the waves rustle calmly nearby....

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Your Kicking-Back Guide: How to Enjoy Your Time on Grand Bahama Island


Although going to the Bahamas might seem like an automatically-relaxing excursion into the Caribbean, it's not always so "automatic." In fact, some people bring too much of their baggage from home with them when they come to the Bahamas - and we're not talking about luggage....

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Ten Reasons to Go to the Spa on Your Trip to the Bahamas


Some might argue that a vacation to a Bahamas - and to Grand Bahama Island in particular - is like one week-long trip to the spa. Others might argue that the Bahamas are the only true home of the spa, offering the ocean breeze and relaxing atmosphere that can only be found in the Caribbean....

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The Top Three Spring Break Destinations on Lucaya, Grand Bahama Island


Pop quiz! It's time to test your knowledge of the Bahamas, specifically of Grand Bahama Island: can you name the only Bahamian island whose spring break attractions combine limbo dancing, shopping, sailing, yachting, and Jazz greats?...

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Three Criteria You Should Have for Picking Your Next Bahamas Resort


Let's be honest: if you're planning a vacation in the Bahamas, you have a lot of great resorts to choose from. If you still haven't made a decision as to which resort you'll use, you can probably understand just how hard it is to choose the right one - and one that also fits within your budget....

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How to Get the Most Out of Bahamas Resorts


If you ask us, there are a lot of people who don't realize the full potential of their vacation at a Bahamas resort.We get it....

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How to Swim with Dolphins on Grand Bahama Island


When you get back from your trip to the Bahamas, you're going to be asked one thing by friends and family members, and you're going to get asked it again and again:...

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Five Ways to Do Shopping Right on Grand Bahama Island


Although you might hate to admit it, your time - and resources - on Grand Bahama Island are probably somewhat limited. You can't shop here 365 days a year unless you've discovered buried treasure under one of the beaches....

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The Top Five Family-Friendly Activities on Grand Bahama Island


Call us biased, but we think Grand Bahama Island is one of the most family-friendly places to vacation in the world. The combination of fun in the sun and wholesome activities make it an ideal destination for both children who want to see the dolphins and adults who want to see, well, a little rest and relaxation on the beach.Don't believe us? ...

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The Top Six Beaches on Grand Bahama Island


A lot of people come to the Bahamas and forget all about the resort, the food, the shopping and say one thing:"Show me where the beach is!"It is the Bahamas, after all. So if that sounds like you, you're about ready to hear the top six beaches on Grand Bahama Island....

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Ten Things to Do on Grand Bahama Island


Chances are that if you've come to the Bahamas, you've brought an itinerary that looks something like this: 1. Relax in my room.2. Hang out by the pool and relax.3. Hang out on the beach and relax....

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Four Reasons You Should Have Your Wedding in the Bahamas


It's easy to say "I do" in the face of an ocean breeze.But we get ahead of ourselves. That's just one of the many reasons it can be a fun, relaxing escape for both you and your wedding guests when you hold your wedding in the Bahamas. The truth is, many of the reasons for holding your wedding here aren't about the "I do" - though we can certainly handle that - but about what happens after the vows are said and the wedding party is ready to, well, party....

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The Comprehensive Guide to Bahama Resorts


The Bahamas can be tricky. Just as soon as you think you have one island figured out, you find out that some of the best resorts are also located on another island....

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The Balearia, a Fast Ferry to Grand Lucayan.


I took the Fast Ferry to Grand Bahama Island and I liked it. Everything you need to know and some things you don't about the Balearia: Bahamas Express.It's never been too hard to get to Grand Bahama Island, especially from Florida....

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Grand Lucayan Welcome Blog Post


Grand Bahama Island, the fourth largest island and one of the most popular tourist destination in the Bahamas, is located in the warm Atlantic Ocean, less than 70 miles from the coast of Florida....

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