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5 Great Water Sports off of Lucaya, Grand Bahama Island

You can’t take a trip to the Bahamas without at least indulging in one water sport – or five. After all, spots like Lucaya, Grand Bahama Island are not only rife with plenty of beautiful beach acreage, but with some of the most pristine, beautiful water in the world. If there’s any time for you to indulge your wild side when it comes to water and beach sports, it’s when you visit Lucaya.

Need some suggestions to get started? How about five?

1. Fishing. Fishing is big business in Lucaya, particularly if you’re near a marina or take a trip eastward down the Grand Bahama Highway to some premium fly-fishing spots. No matter what your choice – a deep-sea charter or islandside fishing – you’ll find that fishing in the Bahamas is exactly what you thought it could be and more.

2. Diving. There’s no better way to really sink your teeth into a Bahamian vacation experience like diving. You’ll find plenty of opportunities for diving in Lucaya, and when you consider just how beautiful the water and underwater life are, you’ll be surprised you ever thought about doing anything else.

3. Swimming. Duh! If you just want to get to the beach and experience the Caribbean for yourself, there’s no simpler way than to go for a swim. Or you could check out the pools at Grand Lucayan for a more controlled experience.

4. Boating. It’s easy to rent a boat in Lucaya – they’re all over the place. You can use it to tackle all sorts of water-friendly sports or simply have a look around the area.

5. Snorkeling. Is there any better place in the world for snorkeling than the Caribbean? Our warm waters and abundant marine life make snorkeling a must-do for visitors from all over.

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