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Three Top Fishing Opportunities on Grand Bahama Island

When you think of fishing in the Bahamas, you likely think of deep-sea fishing. While that’s one of the great experiences offered by Grand Bahama Island, your choices as a visiting fisherman aren’t limited to the creatures of the deep sea.

In fact, if you visit us on Grand Bahama Island, you’ll find that fishing here can be worth the trip in and of itself. That is, if you’re willing to sniff out the best fishing opportunities here. We’ll steer you in their direction with this list of three great fishing opportunities you can exploit during your time on our island.

1. Deep-sea fishing/chartering.

Admittedly, we want to tell you all about the varying opportunities for fishing you have on our island that aren’t relegated to deep sea. But, really, you come to the Bahamas for a great oceanic fishing experience, and there’s no reason to deprive yourself simply because we tell you to. So charter a deep-sea fishing boat for an afternoon and see all that the Caribbean has to offer. There are not only a lot of impressive specimens to catch in the Caribbean, but a wide variety of marine life and aquatic species.

2. Fly fishing at Deep Water Cay.

Yes, fly fishing! You may not associate the practice with Bahamian culture, but Deep Water Cay – on the eastern side of the island – is actually a hotbed for Caribbean fly fishing, attracting some of the top fisherman in the region every year. If you want to hone up your fly fishing skills, come to Grand Bahama Island!

3. Looking for Bonefish.

One of the reasons fly fishing has become so popular on our island is the quality of our Bonefish, an attraction to fisherman all across the region. In addition, you can find all sorts of marine life near the island to catch your fancy no matter what kind of fish you’re looking to catch during your time in the Bahamas.


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