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About the Chef

Gianfranco Chiarini

Gianfranco Chiarini (born January 8, 1966) is an Italian celebrity and Michelin starred chef from Ferrara, Italy. Chiarini's culinary style is Italian nouvelle fusion cuisine.

His career has included work in Michelin Restaurants, Cruise Lines and Deluxe Hotels as well as Consultancy, Food Engineering, Research and Development (R&D). Considered the most Multi-Cultural and Multi-Tasking chef globally for the wide range of knowledge and techniques used, ranging from: Restaurant Designs, Modern and Classic European Michelin Cuisine and Global Cuisines to Recipe Designs for Deluxe Outlets and Food Engineering for the Global Food Manufacturing Industry as well as Airlines around the world, Book writer, TV Personality, Mentor, Ingredients and Technology Creator, Restaurateur and much more.

From Italian origins he grew up between Italy, South America and the U.S.

Early Cooking Career

In 1986, the young Chiarini enrolled in the Instituto de Alta Gastronomia de Caracas, Venezuela. In 1996, he decided to go back to the United States where he enrolled at the Pittsburgh Culinary Institute. There his life was spent between his practical experience in restaurants and his culinary studies. After completing his degree at the Pittsburgh Culinary Institute, he moved to France where he was thrust into the heart of the most competitive culinary region of the world; Europe. Chiarinis ability to multi-task, and ambitious spirit led him to enroll at Le Cordon Bleu Paris.

While at Le Cordon Bleu he worked under masters like Alain Dutournier chef/owner of Carré des Feuillants (** Michelin stars), and later while in Rome, Italy working under the enigmatic Executive Chef Heinz Beck at La Pergola Restaurant (*** Michelin stars), and in Ferrara, Italy working as a sous chef at restaurants such as, Antichi Sapori and Hostaria Savonarola. Moving became again imminent, when The Pirsch Mühle (* Michelin star), restaurant in Germany offered him the opportunity to run the kitchen. The rest is history.

Professional career

Beginning the new millennium Chef Chiarini decided to have a new challenge in his learning, and teaching process. He moved to the Middle East, starting with Intercontinental hotels in Oman. During this period he dedicated part of his time also to the consultancy business for Al Bustan Palace and Shangri-La Hotels. Later he moved to Bahrain, and developed culinary concepts for Mövenpick and Marriott hotels. His next target was Kuwait, where he fully engaged his culinary career as chef with Marriott Hotels. He establishes the signature and deluxe Nord-Italian specialties restaurant Il Forno, and while at the Marriott he established two renowned Chaines des Rotisseurs.

In Kuwait Chiarini developed a relationship with the late Highness Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, where he created exotic dinners for the family. While in Kuwait he became a TV chef, with the regional broadcasting channel Al Jazeera. Chiarini participated in more than 50 cooking shows, where he featured and introduced a more personal level of the true European culinary cuisine to the Persian Gulf community, Middle East and North Africa.

Chiarini continued his culinary journey adding Spain, U.K and Ireland to his European repertoire as well as Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. In Africa Chef Chiarini worked for the Starwood hotels chain Sheraton Addis, Ethiopia, part of the Luxury Collection of Starwood hotels. Ethiopia is well known for being the diplomatic capital of Africa, and in this setting it was unavoidable that Chef Chiarini would cross paths with some of the most prominent local and international politicians of this century. He has served political figures like; the 39th President of the United States of America, Jimmy Carter and first lady Rosalynn Carter, the president of Israel Shimon Peres, the Presidents of the (AU) African Union, including Egyptian ex-President Hosni Mubarak.

His time spent in Asia inspired him to travel throughout the continent immersing him in the food, and absorbing the culture giving him a great appreciation and deep understanding of the Asian culture. Countries like China, Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines have been a great source of culinary knowledge and amazing experience for the chef.

In 2008 Chef Chiarini worked in Turkey for the Super Deluxe 7 Stars Rixos Boutique Hotel, in the city of Belek where he was in charged of the European outlets as European Executive Chef. In this position he served personalities such as the President of Turkey, Abdulla Gül, the Vice-President of Iraq, Tariq Al-Hashimi and the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev. Turkey still remains his favorite and most beloved country in this region. Chef Chiarini made a major career change in 2009, by moving away from Michelin restaurants and Luxury hotel operations into the massive food manufacturing industry. He was offered an impossible to refuse job opportunity with a giant international manufacturer for the food ingredients industry. In this new position he served this multinational as their Europe, Africa and Middle East Corporate Executive Chef and Culinary Development Leader, creating new culinary concepts by utilizing his vast culinary expertise on six continents, for manufacturing companies around the world.

The Trilogy of "The New Renaissance of Italian Fusion Cuisine 1.0 The emerald, 2.0 The Pearl and 3.0 The Ruby" has been a total success, beginning with The Emerald Book, the chef's first written cookbook, which achieved 1st place in conjunction with the current culinary cook book from Noma, rated best restaurant in the world. The food, wine and travel authority,, placed the chef's book at first place for the best top twelve, and most beautiful culinary books for the 2010/2011 year. Chef Chiarini has been published in more than 80 magazines in over 25 countries and in Turkey on May 9th 2011 chef Gianfranco was featured in an exclusive 25" (twenty five minutes) interview by Pinar Essen on the worldwide mega news broadcast CNN.

Chef Chiarini Consults for mayor companies around the world like: Symrise, Auchon, Carrefour, Marks and Spenser, Tesco, Giovanni Rana, Barilla and much more globally including hotels and resorts along with private restaurants in all 6 continents.

One interesting feature of Chef Chiarini is his capacity to reinvent himself every year and the execution of modernistic great cuisine without the use of any chemicals and no special additives in his cuisine. Instead of the chemical gimmicks, Chef Chiarini uses physics as an attractive to his presentations being the first chef around the globe to use magnetic poles and making his food float literally in the air. All this will be featured in Chiarini Restaurant in 2014. This technique has been shown in the Michelin Stars show "Gastronomie" held in Utrecht in November 2013.

Chef Chiarini has launched successfully his own company "Chiarini Culinary Consultants" which perform global activities in the areas of restaurant and hotel design, pre-openings and openings. Task force in all culinary areas and has successfully established 7 restaurants in three continents from which 2 have achieved the precious Michelin stars.

Also "CCC" Chiarini Culinary Consultants is actively working in Europe reformulating products and eliminating E-number additives out of their labels. Chef Chiarini is working actively with major companies in Europe and the Middle East on this quest of anti-chemical additives on food. With more than 500 products deployed successfully in supermarket chains around Europe; Chef Chiarini still remains to date linked as Senior Consultant for other food manufacturing giants. These products are widely found under major company labels all across Europe and the Middle East. Chef Chiarini is currently working on this in the African and South American continents.

One very important point that deserves to be mentioned is that Chef Gianfranco Chiarini is actually the chef with the biggest network of culinary professionals in the world. His personal and well organized network, best known as The Global Chefs Data-base exceeds the 25.000+ chefs from six continents and more than 160 countries. No other chef possesses this powerful tool that enables him to create and link culinary, texture and regional flavors, just with a click of the mouse. Finding local experts wherever he goes and making a lot easier the hard job of creating new and exciting food concepts and consulting for major companies around the world in the areas of trend hunting and trend pushing, with the Intel and help of this army of chefs globally.

Chef Gianfranco Chiarini has been featured in numerous culinary web sites and is the culinary guru and official chef for the mega U.S. site and in Europe, where you will find his useful culinary-tech insights and interesting periodical articles on the sections called "Expert Spotlight" and The Culinary Guru Corner. Soon in 2014 Chef Chiarini will also start writing in for another important portal based in the Caribbean. Soon Chef Chiarini will offer to his global followers and culinary critic audiences his own restaurant with only 24 exclusive seats. The restaurant will finally bear his name (Chiarini) and will be opened in the first quarter of 2014 in the breathtaking city of Gdansk in Northern Poland at the shores of the Motlawa River linking to the Baltic Sea.

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