Grand Bahama Island

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One of the Bahamas’ most popular destinations, Grand Bahama Island is located less than 60 miles from the coast of Florida making it a fast, easy and affordable getaway.

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Measuring 539 miles, Grand Bahama Island is a nature lover’s paradise with a myriad of places for hiking, biking, bird watching, horseback riding and paddling. Many excursions can be arranged, including kayaking through a mangrove preserve, enjoying lunch on a secluded expanse of beach or exploring the island’s unique underwater cave system. Excellent outdoor activities and some of the best sightseeing on the island, including stunning Black Rock Beach and a glimpse into the island’s earliest history, can be enjoyed at the island’s three National Parks.

Grand Bahama Island is a nature lover’s paradise

The commercial and tourism hub of the island is Freeport/Lucaya, a modern planned city close to the international airport and seaport, and within an easy stroll of tranquil resort areas. Established as a tax-free city in the 1950s, Freeport offers excellent duty-free “bargains” in jewelry, china, crystal, linens, leather goods and designer apparel at colorful Port Lucaya Marketplace, an international-style marketplace, and the shops at the ultra-modern Port Lucaya Marina.

Beautiful year round sub-tropical weather provides the perfect environment for magnificent championship golf courses. And the island’s nightlife, with the glittering Treasure Bay Casino as a centerpiece, offers excellent choices for casual or elegant dining, lively bars and lounges, dancing, music and other entertainment.


In 1492 the Islands of the Bahamas were discovered, since then it continues to attract numerous visitors and those who wish to call it home. The Bahamas’ second most populated island, Grand Bahama, has become residence to many Bahamians, visitors, and investors. As the largest real estate developer and land sales agent, The Grand Bahama Development Company Limited, is the key ingredient for anyone and everyone wanting to call Grand Bahama home.


The Bahamas’ unit of currency, the Bahamian dollar ($B) is based on the U.S. dollar system, with one Bahamian dollar equaling one U.S. dollar. The Bahamian dollar is made up of 100 Bahamian cents, or pennies. With the Bahamian and U.S. dollars on a par, you can choose to spend either Bahamian or U.S. dollars anywhere in the Bahamas. Many local businesses catering to tourists keep extra U.S. dollars on hand for the convenience of American visitors.